Mediawerx was created by the Genoveus Production Studio in 2008 to provide audio and film production, editing and photography services to existing and new corporate clients.

In 2015 we started gearing up to create our own, original motion pictures before moving to our new studio, coloring and editing suite in the heart Sheffield in May 2016.

We are currently a two man (or a man - woman) team; Paul and Sophie.

Paul is our resident filmmaker; he takes care of the technical things as well as playing with the camera equipment, software, maintaining and building studio gear. He has an unhealthy obsession with everything electronic and consistently fails to try anything that has salad involved.

Sophie is our producer and handles the day to day running of the business, taking care of a multitude of things that Paul refuses to do, mainly talking to people, organising things, sorting out problems that he's created by not doing something and generally doing the whole producer thing. Sophie is a good egg.

We do have other people that work with us on occasion and we have a strong network of people that we can pull in when necessary but generally it's just us two. Like peas in a pod.

Made in Sheffield

We're situated on Arundel Street, within the Cultural Industries Quarter; right in the heart of Sheffield city centre.

Sheffield is a city of makers and doers, that delightedly boasts one of the largest creative communities in the country. Much of this community is concentrated in the Cultural Industries Quarter (CIQ), just between Sheffield Station and the city centre. An area that once hummed and clanked with cutlery works and toolmakers, it now sings with all manner of creative endeavour.

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The business bit

Mediawerx is a part of the Genoveus Production Studio.

Genoveus Ltd was founded in 2003 by Paul Massey and a small group of digital professionals to provide cutting edge, audio visual, rich media and educational/instructional software solutions to pharmaceutical companies, the automotive industry and government organisations.

As the company continued to grow and deliver a wide range of highly visual, digital services; Scriptwerx was setup to continue to provide cutting edge software solutions and rich online content and Mediawerx was created to concentrate on delivering film production and photography services, leaving Genoveus to concentrate on education.

With both Scriptwerx and Mediawerx working within the Genoveus Production Studio; we are able to continue to support our existing clients as well as welcoming new ventures under separate and distinct markets and concentrate on producing the absolute finest quality of service.

Mediawerx is a trading name of Genoveus Ltd. Company registered in England & Wales No 5082359. VAT Registration Number: 269 9802 43. D-U-N-S Number: 73-826-5912. Registered office: Bank House, Market Street, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, United Kingdom, SK23 7AA. Website: