What better to do over the Easter break than play around with control surfaces and video software?

We've been using the Euphonix MC Transport (same as the Avid Artist Transport) with Final Cut Pro form a little while now and it's an excellent piece of hardware to make video editing a breeze.

Since we've been using Davinci Resolve when we moved to Blackmagic Design cameras; and now that version 12 has a pretty good NLE build right in it seemed a good time to get the MC Transport working with it.

Mapping the controller to Resolve is just a case of adding a bunch of config within the EuControl software and it works pretty well though there are some issues.


The shuttle wheel was a little tricky to get just right for what we wanted; after a bunch of experimentation though we had it working really quite nicely.


The Jog wheel is another story; it's just bad.

After a number of attempts at getting a decent Jog wheel config we've had to admit defeat - we've chatted on a few forums about this and everyone seems to have the same issues no matter what hardware they're using. We've been told that in Resolve "Jog just sucks" and we tend to agree.

The jog wheel is perfectly useable at very slow speed to nudge frames but other than that it's extremely laggy and just plain bad.

Activating Shuttle and Jog

One thing that a few people are caught out with when trying to custom map the Shuttle and Jog wheels is getting them to actually do anything.

This is because you need to activate them using one of the softkeys or numeric keypad buttons.

In order to do this; you access the configuration for the button you want to map the activation to and choose the relevant Shuttle or Jog setting.

We had these mapped to softkeys 1 & 2 but others have mapped them to numbers 2 & 5 instead as they're not really used for anything.

Tell me how you did it!

We've finally updated our blog (as of April 11, 2017) which details the settings we've used:

Avid Artist Transport with Davinci Resolve - Part 2