We've been looking to acquire a solution for copying and editing from our SSDs that we use in our Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera.

Having looked at the market; there's nothing that really compares to the Multidock in both price and specification.

We managed to pick up a mint condition Multidock with Thunderbolt 2 on eBay in Germany for a good price and it arrived in Sheffield the other day.

It was immediately connected and housed in our absolutely wonderful 1U black walnut desktop enclosure made by [Monocut](http://www.monocut.co.uk" target="_blank) which matches our 3U enclosure that they made to house our Blackmagic SmartScope Duo 4K.

We really need to get some good pics of these enclosures to share with you at some point; they're stunning.

Anyway; back to the Multidock.

The performance is really impressive; we plugged in our Sandisk Extreme Pro and Kingston HyperX Savage SSDs (as JBOD) and was able to very quickly copy files between drives and edit and colour right from them too without any lag.

The speeds over Thunderbolt 2 to the MacBook Pro are really impressive.

This will surely speed up our workflow.

The access lights don't bother me (Paul) at all; they're not that bright and I find them kinda useful.

I did read somewhere that you may be able to turn them off but I'm not sure how that would happen as there's no software or driver needed for the unit.

We love Blackmagic gear; it's excellent value for money and it works extremely well and we'd definitely recommend the Multidock for video work and anything else if you need swappable external SSDs or HDDs.

Just to note that we're not endorsed or supported by Blackmagic Design in any way.

We just like the stuff and wanted to share our experience with the gear.