The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC 4K) was revealed at NAB 2018 and looks to be an extremely impressive upgrade from the previous Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC).


Still sporting Micro Four Thirds means that all the lenses you loved attached to the BMPCC can be used on the BMPCC 4K and hopefully; like the Micro Studio Camera 4K (BMMSC) it'll suppport the use of the Metabones BMPCC Speedbooster.


We absolutely loved our trusty BMPCC and it was a tough decision to part with it but moving away from Full HD to 4K HDR, meant that it was better that it to move on to a new owner and be used as much as it deserves.

The impressive specs

Cinema DNG RAW can be recorded compressed 4:1. It has ProRes and LOG support (LT and Proxy for small file sizes). 4K is either DCI 4096 x 2160 or Ultra HD.

One very interesting thing to note is that the BMPCC 4K is the first ever camera with RAW recording capability via USB C to an external SSD drive.

Power is provided by a single Canon LP-E6 battery but you can also power the camera via USB C, with a mobile battery or via the 12v tap.

4K 60p is internal on this camera and 120fps is a windowed (cropped) 2K video mode.


The sensor is the same size as the one found in the Panasonic GH5 as is the Dual Native ISO capability and high ISO up to 25,600. We almost bought the GH5 because of it's impressive low-light capabilities so it's great to see the same (or at least the same spec) sensor being used in a Blackmagic camera.

The sensor is actually larger than the one in the BMCC 2.5K camera and with the Pocket Camera now including a 5" screen; this seems like a fitting replacement for not only the BMPCC but the BMCC as well.

DaVinci Resolve Studio

It comes with a full Blackmagic Resolve Studio license in the box, which is incredible value for money and makes it the cheapest Blackmagic camera to date to include the full studio version which (as of the forthcoming version 15; currently in Beta) includes Fusion for VFX as well.


Cameras are stated to start shipping in September 2018.

We've already pre-ordered the BMPCC 4K from CVP and will give an update when it arrives.