So' it's Friday and it's the start of Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016!

I popped in to The Hubs this morning to collect my screenings tickets for today and tomorrow before heading off to the Sheffield "Media City" Walking Tour organised specially for Sheffield Doc/Fest by [Sheffield City Walking Tours](" target="_blank).

I would highly recommend the walks to anyone attending Doc/Fest or indeed anyone wishing to learn a little more about this wonderful city as Marcus does tours like this throughout the year.


Popped back to the studio during a short break (and assembled another piece of IKEA furniture) before my first screening of Doc/Fest 16 which is "City of Gold".

Time to go; updates later...


Back in the studio now after seeing "City of Gold" - really enjoyed the film and really liked Jonathan Gold.

"A taco isn’t a dish so much as a verb—one long continuous motion from grill to dish to diner, preferably via a truck".

Here's a link to a good writeup on the film:
[City of Gold and the Richness of the Melting Pot](" target="_blank)

I'm about to head out briefly with my camera (stills, not video) before attending the Shooting People Welcome Drinks at the Curzon Cinema and later; "Where to Invade Next" attended by Michael Moore.


Popped by the Doc/Fest Exchange and in to the Delegate Lounge at the Crucible to see what's what.

Nice bit of space; I'm sure I'll be hanging out here a fair bit over the next few days.

Right; off to Curzon...


Down at the Curzon now and met up with my fellow SYFN members.

Looking forward to a few beers and a good catch up.

Unfortunately; it's now pouring with rain so we can't use the terrace which means we're jammed into a tiny space - good time to chat about filmmaking though and it's nice to see the locals again.


Finally started after an epic delay in the pouring rain - was chatting to a nice chap outside though whilst waiting to get in, that's the really good thing about the festival as you just strike up a conversation with people you've just met.

The film is really good; as you'd expect from Michael Moore though I'd say it was a little too long - I may feel differently if I was watching the film in comfort, but the seating on the balcony has absolutely no legroom and my knees are screaming in pain.

Not staying for the Q&A - I'm off home to sleep.