Queues already forming for tickets this morning.


Told that there are no tickets left for tomorrow's screening of "The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis" - how can that happen when I'm 5th in line the day before. Unimpressed to say the least.


Popped in to Wellies Cafe for a big breakfast and a coffee to set the day off.

Excellent breakfast - £6.30 for a really good and pretty big breakfast with a proper coffee which isn't bad at all.

Off to find the Cutler's Hall for the Switchboard.


In search of Cutler's Hall...

The map doesn't work in the Doc/Fest app and Google Maps takes me down to Campo Lane which can't be right.

I meet up with two other delegates down there and we try and determine where we're supposed to be.


We've found Cutler's Hall but I've missed the switchboard opening.

Off to The Crucible to catch a talk then.


At the "How to get your Theatrical Doc Funded and Distributed".

This isn't entirely relevant for me as I have no intent on creating a theatrical documentary but it's an interesting subject and still gives really good information on how to go about getting your film onto any kind of screen.


Tired now; back in the studio with a lovely coffee from The Holt downstairs and catching up with a few things before heading back out.

Found a few other delegates wandering about looking lost so asked them where they were heading to - Cutler's Hall again! Pointed them in the right direction, clearly hard to find and could do with some sort of signage.


Sitting in my messy studio, strewn with cardboard boxes and packing material, unassembled furniture and missing equipment; reflecting a little on my experience of Doc/Fest so far.

One thing I have found is that through walking around Sheffield, seeing these amazing films and meeting these wonderful people has been really valuable indeed and makes me itch to get out with my cameras and shoot something.

I've had so many ideas whilst I've been at Sheffield Doc/Fest and I hope to be able to get some of them onto a screen in the future.


Wandered over to The Crucible to find where the Sir David Attenborough queue will start from to find that it's already started!

I quickly grab a pint from the Doc/Fest Exchange and join there queue where I meet three lovely people and we chat before finally getting in to the Crucible to see Sir David Attenborough.


Absolutely fantastic and such a humbling experience to be in the presence of such a great man.

Very interesting talk and I look forward to seeing his new documentaries that are airing on the BBC soon.

Myself and one of the delegates I've been chatting with are off for a pint or two before I head down the the BFI reception at Tamper: Sellers Wheel.


Down at Tamper for the BFI Reception, it's really busy so I grab a pint and start chatting to a few delegates before heading home for the day.