I'm down at The Hubs, bright and early to get some screenings tickets for today and tomorrow; though I'm now attending more talks and sessions than films over the next few days.

This morning I'll be listening to a presentation by the Nao robot which I'm really looking forward to and then I'll be wandering the talks and sessions until Ambulance at 15:00.


At The Studio in The Crucible now - queues started half an hour early so who knows how manic it'll be for the Sir David Attenborough talk.


Robots (and humans too)!

Nao really needs to come home with me - I totally love that little guy.

I was hugely impressed with iCub - an absolutely fascinating combination of hardware and software that I hope to learn more about in the near future.

At around 250,000 Euro; I don't think I'll be owning one though.


This morning's talks were excellent; being a massive technology freak, programmer and maker I found everything massively enlightening.

I'll elaborate further on this morning at some point; but most likely on the [Scriptwerx](http://scriptwerx.io" target="_blank) blog where I can properly nerd out.

Now sheltering from the pouring rain in the Doc/Fest Exchange with a pint so it's not all bad.


I'm at The Curzon in the hope to catch a break and get in to see "Ambulance" as I couldn't get a ticket the other day.

Long queue of people hoping for the same so I don't fancy my chances.


Nope; no more seats - bummer!


Now at The Crucible for "The Absolutely Adventurous Joanna Lumley in Conversation".

Really glad I've been able to catch this - she's a wonderful, interesting and utterly fascinating lady.


Off for a quick drink at the ITV Drinks Reception.


Got to run now - that's the end of my Doc/Fest for today.


Having dinner with family at The Broadfield after a really enjoyable day.