This years Doc/Fest kicks off today and I'm off for breakfast at the Doc/Fest Exchange on Tudor Square soon but I thought I'd start my blog nice and early.

I popped by the Sky Delegate Centre last night and after insisting my surname doesn't start with an "O" (seriously?) they found me and handed me my pass and bag - my Doc/Fest has begun!

I realised the only pictures of me are either terrifically old or awful so I ended up using an image taken during this year's 2Weeks2MakeIt shoot, though I realise that Saul Goodman is often sporting a Panavision cap at the moment.

I'd better be off; I'll update as I go along...


Up at Tudor Square now; bit too early.

Just walking up from the studio to here is enough to highlight that this years bag is going to be a bit of a pain. I might switch to last year's bag as I can't keep this on my shoulder.


Sitting in the Doc/Fest Exchange with my free long black and croissant from the former residents of our very own 156 Arundel Street - [The Depot Bakery](https://thedepotbakery.co.uk" target="_blank).

Going to take the time to have a good look through the schedule and plan my fest.


Popped back to the studio briefly after picking up my ticket for the opening night film: Queerama from the Hubs and I stopped in at MuseumsSheffield to buy a mug and a lovely notebook as I passed.

I'm going to switch to last year's bag as well as this one is already annoying me.

The first film of Doc/Fest 17 is [Mada Underground](https://www.showroomworkstation.org.uk/docfest2017-mada-underground" target="_blank) (0:55) showing at 12:00 in The Showroom.

As respected local rapper Naty says, a group of young people are intent on “leaving a trace” in the history of Madagascar. From the gifted slam poet Caylah to the crew of entrepreneurial skaters, co-filmmakers Philippe Chevallier and Denis Sneguirev capture a generation of youth who are making space for unlikely creative possibilities, who, despite poverty and their country’s legacy of colonisation, are inspiringly defiant.


I'm going to pop down there now as The Showroom is also the Doc/Player Lounge - I guess this is instead of last year's Delegate Lounge in the Crucible?


The new digital ticket system worked without a hitch; [Mada Underground](https://www.showroomworkstation.org.uk/docfest2017-mada-underground" target="_blank) was pretty good.

I knew pretty much nothing about Madagascar until watching this; informative, interesting and nicely done. I hope those skaters get to make their boards soon!

Time to get some food...


I've driven up to One Love in Manor for curried mutton, rice & peas and a dumpling. Need some decent food to get me through my festin!


Back down at the studio now; I'm being joined by [Steven Corton](http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6490190" target="_blank) (aka Bernard) from around 15:00 for some Doc/Fest films and drinks.

Could do with a sleep already - so full of food. Got myself a lovely Americano from [The Holt](http://theholtcafe.co.uk" target="_blank) downstairs - if you're at Doc/Fest be sure to wander down and have some proper Sheffield coffee from [Smith Street](http://www.smithstreetcoffeeroasters.co.uk" target="_blank) which is roast on-site.


At The Showroom with Bernard to watch Brexitannia.

Following the referendum that saw the UK vote to leave the EU by a small margin, filmmaker Timothy George Kelly travels up and down the British isles to meet with people from both sides of the ballot. Supplemented by thoughtful observations that take into account complexities of race, labour, and the environment, an uncomfortable image of Britain today emerges.


At The Curzon rooftop for drinks with Shooting People and The South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network.


We’re off to the City Hall for the opening night film: Queerama.

Mining the jewels of the BFI archive, Queerama tells the story of an extraordinary century of gay experiences. Directed by Daisy Asquith with a soundtrack by Alison Goldfrapp, Hercules & Love Affair and John Grant, the film takes us into the relationships, desires, fears and expressions of gay men and women in the 20th century – a century of incredible change.


Off for a dirty kebab with Bernard and then back to City Hall for the opening night party.


It’s Uber time.