The penultimate day of Doc/Fest is upon us; it's been a great festival again this year.

Big day of parties for me yesterday but I was on soft drinks so I'm able to function this morning.


I've been hanging around the Doc/Fest Exchange this morning, enjoying the breakfast croissant and coffee as well as having a chat with a few people.

I bumped into [Richard Knight](" target="_blank) who gave us the absolutely amazing location for this year's 2Weeks2MakeIt competition that I worked on as cinematographer back in April.


Back at the studio for a bit now, meeting up with a few fellow SYFN members shortly for drinks back at the Doc/Fest Exchange.


Up at the Doc/Fest Exchange to meet fellow [SYFN](" target="_blank)'ers; [Steve Corton](" target="_blank) (aka Bernard) and [Steven Windle](" target="_blank) for a chat about the documentaries we're working on.

We're hanging about by the Exchange today, catching up with people and what's going on here before we go to see Ian Hislop & Jolyon Rubinstein at The Crucible.


We're sitting by the Doc/Fest Exchange and have been joined by Ian Hislop who's come to grab a coffee - myself and Bernard decided to grab him for a picture before he went back into The Crucible.


Myself and Bernard have got front row seats for Ian Hislop & Jolyon Rubinstein: Post-truth & Satire.


We're back at the Doc/Fest Exchange for a few drinks and we've just been joined by Ian Hislop & Jolyon Rubinstein.


We've had a great laugh tonight and Bernard did a Karaoke number in the Exchange too.

I bumped into my old friend Arthur Tubb from [Finger Industries](" target="_blank) who showed me a little VR project he's been playing with on his Samsung Gear VR.

Time to call it.