It's the final day of Doc/Fest 2017 - it's been an amazing festival so far and there's still plenty to see and do until it finally closes this evening.

Sheffield seems pretty quiet this morning so I guess a lot of people are traveling home today and not doing much Doc/Festin.

I'm getting a few things done in the studio again this morning before checking out the VR stuff.

I'm watching Whitney "Can I Be Me" (2017) tonight before the fesival closes until next year.

Whitney Houston was a sure thing, or as sure as the music industry had ever seen. A transcendent talent with pedigree and mentorship to match, she was going to be the greatest female vocalist ever. For a time she was, and then she all-too-publicly fell short.

I'll be snapping up a lightning pass again and will be doing it all over again in a year's time.


Right; heading up to check out the Alternate Realities Exhibitions.


Really enjoyed the Alternate Realities Exhibitions in the Millennium Gallery, the AR and Immersive VR content was very well done and a joy to use.

I especially enjoyed Future Aleppo.

The paper-based model and VR experience was really nice and incredibly sad at the same time.


I'm down at The Showroom to have a drink before watching Whitney "Can I Be Me" (2017).

Sheffield has been notably quieter today; there's not many people down here either. Doc/Fest is coming to a close.

Just before I go in to watch the film; they're setting up for the Closing Night Drinks.


Back into The Showroom bar after the film; there's only a little wine left from the Closing Night Drinks unsurprisingly. Pint from the bar it is then.

Whitney "Can I Be Me" (2017) was very good; interesting, sometimes funny but tragically sad. Definitely worth watching whether you're a fan of Whitney Houston or not.


I'm off home now after a wonderful Doc/Fest again - definitely looking forward to the next one!

Looking back to the last remaining Doc/Festers of 2017:

See you next year when we do it all over again!