Paul Massey is a delegate at Doc/Fest again this year which runs from 9th - 14th June.

If you happen to see him; please say hello!


I'm really looking forward to seeing [Sir Lenny Henry](" target="_blank), [Maxine Peake](" target="_blank), [Nick Broomfield](" target="_blank) and [Louis Theroux](" target="_blank) this year as well as however many documentaries and talks I can cram in through my eye-holes and of course; the Shooting People Welcome Drinks Reception at the Curzon Rooftop!

We were hoping to submit to Doc/Fest this year but after I injured my knee last year we've had major setbacks due to me not being able to get around so unfortunately it hasn't happened again.

I'm hoping that we can get the time to get the ball rolling on the documentary this year and either get the whole thing done to submit it or get enough in order to pitch it to Doc/Fest next year.

No more queuing for tickets this year as it's all done digitally which is so much better - the only downside is that everyone will be hammering the system at the same time so I really hope it works out.

As I did last year; I'll update the blog with what's going on at Doc/Fest when possible.