It's the penultimate day here at Sheffield Doc/Fest and the weather is exellent again.

Today is all about the talks for me; The ITV Interview: Sir Trevor McDonald at 12:00 and The Channel 4 Interview: Guy Martin at 18:00.

Between those times I'm going to catch a few talks and sessions around the festival and revisit the Alternative Realities dwn at Trafalgar Warehouse.


I'm at Wellies again for another mahoosive Doc/BreakFest and a big orange juice.


I'm going to have to go on an epic diet after the festival.


I'm down at the studio to catch up on my email and so forth before heading up to the Doc/Fest Exchange for a coffee and then I'll head off to see Canon at Cutlers Hall I think.


Grabbed a coffee at the Exchange and then headed to Curlers Hall. Had a good chat with the folk from Canon and checked out the C200. Really impressed with that camera and it's certainly something I'm going to think about picking up on the future.


Raining now...


Picked up another coffee and taking sheler in The Crucible, chatting with a few familiar faces and then I'll join the queue for The ITV Interview: Sir Trevor McDonald.


Sir Trevor McDonal was a delight to see and listen to, really enjoyed that.


I'm going to head into John Lewis and pick up a relatively cheap bridge camera which I should've done on Wednesday before the festival.

I usually brinkg out my Nikon but that's recently taken an unexpected bath.


So; I decided to buy the Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ82 as it's got a crazy zoom and it has relatively decent specs, especially for the price.

I'm going to go down to the Trafalgar Warehouse to have a look around and have a chat with my good friend from Foundry Coffee Roasters.



I'm back into town for the evening, now waiting at The Channel 4 Interview: Guy Martin.

Managed to move to bang front & centre after the Doc/Fest staff swapped some reserved seating.



Suzi and Guy are now on stage, I just realised that I'm now sat next to Guy's girlfriend Sharon.



That interview was incredible, I've been a huge fan of Guy Martin for many years and he's such an incredibly humble and down to earth chap.

Now outside waiting to meet him as he's due to come out by the F1 car that features in his upcoming documentary.


Absolute legend; was a real honour to finally meet him. He's got oily hands from working on something, most likely his trucks - no surprise there; he's literally just downed tools and popped down to Sheffield.


Later this year Guy will race this old Le Mans winning F1 car (also tested by the one and only Ayrton Senna) that he, himself has restored against Jenson Button.


I found this pic of Senna driving the car shared publicly on Pinterest, unsure of the original source.

I'm off down to The Holt now for the ITV Drinks.


Catching up with a few people I met last night at the British Council Drinks.


Another great night at The Holt; I'm now heading up to catch the end of the Irish Delegation Reception in the Winter Gardens.


Met a few new faces in the Winter Gardens, I'm going to grab a pint at the Exchange before heading on up to the Channel 4 party.



Up at the Exchange, it's pretty quiet but it's a bit early to head up to the Channel 4 party.


I'll finish my beer and catch an Uber.


Up at the Channel 4 party; it's pretty quiet right now but it's a little out of the way - it'll get busy pretty soon no doubt.



That's me - don't want to be a zombie tomorrow as I have the talks to attend all day which I'm really looking forward to.


Chatted to a wonderful lady there and we set the world to rights. Great night.

Uber home time.