It's Day 3 of Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 already, how has that happened?

The weather is better again today, taking it a little slow and easy after last night's session.

I generally take it a little slow over the Doc/Fest weekend as I do like to keep up with my family when I can but it's nice to catch a few things and take a break afterwards.


I'm down at the Sheffield Town Hall for the Craft Summit: Focus on Cinematography- New Ways of Seeing? and the following session Craft Summit: The Colourist - Making a Grade Great


I got down here a little early so managed to catch the last 25 minutes of Craft Summit: Documentary Subjects - How Close Do You Go? which was great.

I'll definitely see A Woman Captured directed by Bernadette Tuza-Ritter. Nice to see Sean McAllister and Steve again too.


Really enjoyed those sessions, I've either missed this type of thing previously at Doc/Fest or it hasn't happened. I'll be looking forward to more of this sort of thing next year.

I'm off to the 8 oz Burger Company now for a big, dirty burger with my boy and will spend the afternoon with him.


Down at the studio again, catching up on a few things before the Canon Drinks Reception at The Holt.

I was really hoping to see Threads: Redux at The Leadmill but I didn't get back into town in time.


Bit gutted about that; I'll have to try and get to see it elswehere.


I've had a few ideas over the last few days, Doc/Fest is always a good place for inspiration I find.

Writing the ideas up a little better right now and will look into them properly after the festival as see what I can come up with.

Chatted a lot last night about some ideas with our little SYFN group and I'm confident we can do a few interesting shorts and so forth in the near future.


I'm off down to The Holt for the Canon Drinks Reception now.


Great evening at The Holt with Canon, I spoke to a number of interesting people this evening and will pop along to check out the products that Canon have brough along to Cutlers Hall for the rest of Doc/Fest.

That's my day today, going to catch an early-ish night in preparation for the next few days.