It's Day 4 at Sheffield Doc/Fest.

I'm having a late start today as I plan a late finish today.


Yes; it's the afternoon and the weather is incredible.

I'm down at the Doc/Fest Exhange for On the Ground at Grenfell + Q&A. Just going to grab a beer and find a seat inside the dome.


I'm down at the studio to drop off my jacket and grab a hat as it's so sunny out there.


On the Ground at Grenfell + Q&A was really informative and quite difficult to watch, the Q&A afterwards we really good as well. I always enjoy the talks and sessions around the Exchange, really good that they're free and open to anyone too.

I'm going back out there now to have a wander and catch up with a few things.


After a beer in the incredible sun up at the Doc/Fest Exchange; I'm down at Tamper Sellers Wheel for the British Council Drinks Reception.


Really good night at Tamper Sellers Wheel; ran on so they had to chcuk us all out in the end. Got chatting to a number of interesting people working on some great projects.


Just grabbed a burger with a fellow SYFN'er and now I'm back up at the Doc/Fest Exchange for a beer before calling it a night.


I had planned to see the Black Mother with Live Score from Gaika but somehow I forgot to actually get a ticket for it (which was very stupid of me) 0- and then I was going to head down the The Leadmill for Warp Presents: Gaika + Friends but I'm pretty tired and really want to hit the Channel 4 Party tomorrow so I'm heading home.