It's day 1 of Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 and Sheffield is looking wonderful; all draped in orange and filled with volunteers, delegates, decision makers and speakers.


For the next 6 days, just like I have for the past two years; I'll be busy Doc/Festin!

First day

The first day of the festival is generally pretty quiet as many delegates will be arriving throughout the day so I don't have too much planned. I've got my ticket booked for tonight's opening night film: A Northern Soul which I will pick up later as this is the only paper ticket you need at Doc/Fest as the rest are digital and attached to your pass - just like last year.

No Doc/Fest app

There's no Doc/Fest app this year - the one in the App Store hasn't been updated unfotunately but I think you had to use the website for tickets last year anyway.

It's no big deal but a dedicated app with ticket options would definitely be welcome.

Doc/Fest Exchange

The Doc/Fest Exchange is on Tudor Square yet again this year, this is always a great place to hang out when you're inbetween screenings or talks but also hosts some extremely interesting sessions so it's definitely worth a look each day.

There's always great food and drinks on offer (including good coffee), no breakfast here today though...


I'm down at The Holt right now enjoying a Smith Street Coffee.

I really have to mention my good friends at The Holt as it's been overlooked at Doc/Fest for the past two years (apart from hosting a closed, private event last year).


This year they're on the map and are hosting a number of drinks receptions to which I will be in attendance.


It wouldn't be Doc/Fest without a big Doc/BreakFest (sorry) so I'm off to Wellies for a massive fry-up.


Massive fry-up FTW!


Watching a number of delegates and volunteers wandering past and looking through the programme some more.


That's the breakfast devoured and now I'm up at the Doc/Fest Exchange which is still being setup.


Sitting about and looking through the programme before heading back down the hill towards The Showroom for my fist film.


Popped into the studio to update the blog and grab another coffee, now off to see Our New President + Q&A.


Russia's threat to American democracy is brought to starkly astonishing life in Our New President, consisting entirely of Russian propaganda videos and user generated content. Maxim Pozdorovkin juxtaposes the brazen, ridiculous and sinister efforts by Russians determined to usher in the Orange One. Had Trump lost this would be pure comedy; instead, it's a chilling sign of the times.


That was plain madness, at first I wasn't sure that the film would be very good but after watching it through it was worth it. Massively strange and raises as many questions as it kind-of answers, I'd recommend you see it on Tuesday at 11:45 at The Light if you get chance.

Unfortunately the director, Maxim Pozdorovkin wasn't avaiable for the Q&A.


I've returned my ticket for Panoptic + Q&A which is showing at 14:15 and I'm off for a wander around the festival instead...


I've had a wander around the various parts of the festival, unfortunately the alternate realities weren't quite setup when I popped in - just hung around the exchange for a bit and picked up my ticket for the opening night film.


Spotted this rather lovely Exige Sprint outside Tamper.


My Elise 111S is finally coming out of storage in a few weeks, really looking forward to being behind the wheel of that again.


I'm at the Sheffield City Hall ready for A Northern Soul - it's pretty quiet just yet so I've managed to grab a beer in little time. £4.85 for a bottle of Brooklyn Lager though!



The film was great, Sean, Steve and two of the kids from the film were on stage at the end - really very good and such an interesting and quite sad story.


I hope Steve is able to make a good go of the Beats Bus and he gets to see his daughter more too.

You can help him and Nigel fund the Beats Bus on their gofundme campaign.

If you didn't catch it tonight it's showing at The Showroom on Tuesday at 11:30 with Q+A.

I'm off downstairs to the opening night party now...


Some good tunes playing and it's pretty quiet - free drink voucher on entry which is nice.



I'm just waiting for my Uber to take me home - not staying out any later as I want to be properly alive tomorrow morning.

I had a quick chat with the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid who is a really nice guy and not the type of person you usually get as a Mayor which is refreshing to say the least.


This country needs more people like Magid Magid in positions like this, so tired of all the stuffy old farts in grey suits who haven't a clue what real life is.