It's almost time for Doc/Fest 2018 and Sheffield is busy preparing for the next few days of Doc/Festin!


The Showroom Cinema is dressed and ready - I'll be visiting this place frequently over the next few days to see some excellent documentaries and grab a few cold beers!


I've been down to the Sky Delegate Centre at Novotel Hotel to pick up my delegate pass and bag ready for tomorrow.


This year's bag is another tote bag like the one last year which really annoyed me.


Don't get me wrong, it's a nice bag and the design is cool - it's just when you try to lug everything you need around Doc/Fest all day, each day - you want something with a bit of room and something that's easy and comfortable to carry!

I'll see how I get on with it but I'll probably end up switching back to my Doc/Fest 2016 bag


I really must update my photograph for next year as well, one that you can actually see me on would probably be best.