It has begun, after popping down to the Delegate Centre this morning to pick up my pass and bag of stuff.


I'm up at the Doc/Fest Exchange with my little Macbook right now after having a wander around the festival sites.

The Alternate Realities at Site Square looks interesting, I'll be popping down there later to check things out.

The Showroom is looking good with the ITV branding and additional space outside.

And one of my favourite places at the festival is the Doc/Fest Exchange, I'll be spending a fair bit of time here catching up with things and updating my blog from my little MacBook and of course; having a few cold ones.

I was hoping to catch Hail Satan? today but there doesn't seem to be any tickets available, I really should've checked yesterday!


I've got my ticket for the opening night film now, escaped to Turtle Bay for some curry goat and a pale ale before I head back down to the Doc/Fest Exchange.

I'm already missing the convenience of our old studio whilst being at Doc/Fest - I'd love to escape for a little rest right about now but I'm sure I'll get into it more once things pick up. The first day of Doc/Fest is always a little quiet as Delegates filter into the steel city throughout the day.

I also just realised that we haven't updated the blog much since last Doc/Fest due to being terrifically busy and setting up 3studio but we'll make an effort to publish some details on what we've been up to once Doc/Fest is over.