It's almost time for Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019; I was excited to see the Exchange being setup on Tudor Square yesterday and the flags leading down towards the station as well as the ITV setup at The Showroom this evening.

One thing that I will sorely miss this year is our old studio on Arundel Street; during the past few years at Doc/Fest I've snuck back to our city base and caught up with a few emails, updated this blog and had a bit of time out from the hustle and bustle of the festival. With our fantastic new studio out of the city centre it's not really an option for me this year so I'll have to just jump right in and fully explore the festival, catch a few extra screenings and play with the Alternate Realities a bit more!

I have actually updated my photograph this year; as the past few years have just included a picture of a camera with a bit of my head behind it. Not sure which is best though - haha.

I usually pop down to pick up my pass about this time but after a long and a more busy day than usual at work, I'll just pop in first thing tomorrow morning instead.

I'm looking forward to the opening night film tomorrow as well as the party afterwards, hopefully it'll be a great kick off to an even greater festival - see you there?