Already queuing for tickets and the line is getting longer.


That's my last batch of tickets for today and tomorrow. No more queuing at The Hubs; yay!

Off for another mahoosive breakfast at Wellies.


That's breakfast done; delicious and just what I need for the long day ahead.

Will try and get a seat for "The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis" in a bit or catch "Golden Girl" instead.


I'm back in the studio after seeing "The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis" which was absolutely wonderful, a truly excellent story.

It was great to see Alex and Lucy at the screening; such an extraordinary couple and I hope that they're able to get the legs he needs to then walk down the isle very soon.


I've been wandering around the various venues and chatting to other delegates; I'm now sat at the Doc/Fest Exchange with a pint and waiting for the talk at 16:30.


Talk with [Shane Meadows](http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0276349" target="_blank) and [Mark Herbert](http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0378591" target="_blank).


Excellent talk that ran on over twice the allocated time; thoroughly nice blokes too - they both stayed on and chatted to us for ages.

I was extremely happy to meet Shane Meadows:

Right; off to the Channel 4 party at The Crucible.


Bumped into some delegates that I had previously met that day and we chatted and enjoyed ourselves before heading off for dinner together - was a really nice end to an excellent day.