We've been involved with a number of productions over the years and have produced content for corporate clients.

Here we detail our original productions as well as any collaborations that we have been involved with.

In Production

Mediawerx are currently working on a number of original content productions.

Detailed here are the projects that have been officially announced.

Lost in Transition

Mediawerx is proud to announce that we are now working on a new short film titled Lost in Transition based on an original story.

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Lost Hearts

Mediawerx is proud to announce that we are now working on a new short film titled Lost Hearts based on the story by M. R. James from his 1904 book Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

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Completed Productions

Original content; developed and created by Mediawerx.

Drive (2013)

Documentary, Short - 12 Minutes.

Working with the Midlands Lotus Owners Club to detail the day that over 100 Lotus cars attended an event at Chatsworth House in the Peak District.

IMDb: Drive (2013)


Films that are in pre-production (script writing, drafting, storyboarding etc) and have not yet been officially announced are detailed below. All are subject to change or removal.


  • Trojans - Documentary [short]
  • Drive 2 - Documentary [short] - Updates
  • Hidden - Documentary [short]
  • [Untitled - Robots] - Documentary [short]
  • [Untitled - Disabilities] - Documentary [feature + VR experience]


  • Brian - Drama, Horror, Comedy, Cult [short]
  • Pioneer - Sci-fi, Drama [short]
  • Memories [working title] - Drama, Horror [short]
  • A Night at a Cottage - Thriller, Horror [short]
  • Gone [working title] - Experimental, Sci-fi [short]
  • Umbrella - Experimental [short]


  • [Untitled - Robots] - VR Experience [based on the documentary]
  • [Untitled - Disabilities] - VR/Sensory Experience [based on the documentary]


We're always happy to get involved with other production companies and filmmakers in order to produce great films.

Detailed here are the productions that we have collaborated with.

Get Down (2017)

Short, Music - 3 Minutes.

Our very own Paul Massey worked as part of "Team Acoustic Wave" as Cinematographer, Colorist and VFX for the 2Weeks2MakeIt 2017 competition organised by South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network.

Final edit, grade and VFX was completed here at Studio Three.

IMDb: Get Down (2017)

Team Acoustic Wave 2017

Director: Scott Burns
Co-Director: David Richards
Producer: Stephen Windle
Cinematographer: Paul Massey
Camera Operator: Marc Haensel
Assistant Camera: Steve Corton
Editor: Steven Day


Productions that were cancelled after being officially announced.


  • Park Hill (2017) - Documentary [short]
  • Ignition (2009) - Sci-fi, Drama [feature]

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