Things started off well with our first little short film titled Lost in Transition which was meant to be a pretty quick and fun production.

It didn't turn out like though; Paul was taken out of action for almost an entire year due to tearing the meniscus in his right knee and during that time we focussed on other apsects of the production whilst we couldn't actually shoot it.

This allowed us to retink the production entirely; change many scenes, add polish to many ideas and then it made sense to wait until we had updated our cameras, sound and lighting before recommencing with the project. We also changed the 3D Printer that we're using in a few shots. Twice.

Now that we have our new cameras we are looking to re-start production of this short as soon as possible before moving on to our other projects.

Lost in Transition will be all the better for it now though as there's so much that we have been able to change and so many new things and ideas that are now going to be included in the final production.

Once we start shooting we'll be sure to update the blog and our Instagram account.