Work continues on our short film titled "Lost In Transition".

Things have been going quite well lately and we've progressed nicely with the star of our short film.

One issue we did have was that the robot couldn't move its own head and whilst the head was posable it just wasn't giving us the "life" we needed on screen.

What we needed was a 17th servo motor and today it was sorted.

Our sister company, Scriptwerx has a blog post about the technicalities here if you should want to know more.

The top section of the robot was disassembled and the new Dynamixel XL-320 was fitted in place of the posable, dummy head servo and reprogrammed to have the correct ID (17).

The robot was then reassembled and tested - all checked out fine and the robot can now move its head!

Paul was in his element working on this earlier this evening.

This is a big thing for the production as the head movement really adds more "life" to the character and opens up more interesting scenarios for us to use within the short film.

We're now working on animating his "acting" for each scene and we will be able to get on capturing more footage very soon.

All of this has pushed back our shooting schedule a little but in the meantime we started on a short title sequence and are working hard to release our first teaser trailer for the film too!

Will update the blog ASAP with our progress.