We use the Ambient Timecode Link in order to sync our cameras and audio with SMPTE Timecode.

The small, metal boxes are sturdy and reliable but have no mounting options. This caused us to use the trusty old Velcro to secure to our rig but although it does the job; it's not a great solution.

Since making use of the 3D Printer here at Studio Three; we decided to design and print an enclosure/mount for the devices in order to securely mount them to the camera and to stow in the audio recorder bag.

We used [SketchUp](http://www.sketchup.com" target="_blank) for creating the 3D model.

The enclosure follows the shape of the device nicely and includes standard mounting holes and a clip to secure the unit inside.

The enclosure has been designed to be pretty strong but lightweight; printed in black ABS it should be able to take general wear and protect the unit quite nicely.

The opening in the front, maintaining the rounded look of the unit, allows access to the securing bolts.

The retaining clip is designed to sit flush with the enclosure and has contours to fit around the socket and aerial as well as not covering the top LED.

The clip is designed to be printed with NinjaFlex or similar flexible filament but there is an alternative version with a rounded protrusion at the rear that can be printed in ABS like the enclosure.

There is an extended clip that is designed to be printed in ABS and attach to a belt or strap - this is useful for the TX which needs to be with the field recorder.

The devices have been discontinued but if you have them or pick some up sometime then we're sure that our mounting solution will help you should you tire of Velcro.

You can download the STL and SketchUp files from: [Thingverse](https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2341333" target="_blank)