With over 15 years experience in sourcing and producing high quality props and graphics; we're able to supply the right items for your production.

Having the right item can really set your production apart from the competition; there's no need to have a substandard prop when you can have a truly realistic master prop created with exquisite attention to detail.

We use traditional methods as well as rapid prototyping with 3D CAD design, 3D printing and CNC machining in order to produce high quality, master props for your productions.

We can also design and cut vinyl decals and signs in house.

We're hugely knowledgable in realistic imitation firearms; we can source and supply highly accurate dummy props and extremely realistic weapons that can appear to fire and cycle rounds just like the real thing (these create sparks and smoke to appear very realistic but cannot actually fire a projectile and are fully compliant with UK law).

We have an ever increasing stock of props available to rent so if your production is in need of something interesting but your budget won't allow the purchase or fabrication of an item; we may very well be able to help.