In 2013 we shot a short documentary film titled "Drive" with the [Midlands Lotus Owners Club](" target="_blank) to detail the day that over 100 Lotus cars attended an event at [Chatsworth House](" target="_blank) in the Peak District.

The film was shot over the space of two weekends using two Nikon D3200 DSLR cameras, three GoPro Hero2 cameras and Google Glass.

We really enjoyed making the film and when editing the final cut; we realised that we could turn this into something much, much better.

Due to the speed of production and the basic equipment used; we weren't entirely happy with the overall look and feel of the finished production.

With our current digital cinema cameras and cinematic lenses as well as building better and more suitable rigging for the type of footage we're hoping to acquire and we're looking to shoot a follow-up (Drive II) to this film in the summer of 2017.

We'll update the blog with our progress when possible.

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