The first, independent film studio and soundstage in Sheffield.

A true one-stop-shop for everything related to audio and video production.

Our unique studio encompasses around 3,000 ft² of production studio and event space, complete with vehicle access and a maximum height of over 4 metres.

With a large, completely controlled environment and with various set design, background and lighting options available, we can capture incredible images of pretty much anything at any time of day.

Launching soon as Studio Three our incredible studio will offer affordable access to workflows and facilities that were once only available to big budget productions.

Studio Space

Our main studio is over 2,000 ft² with a maximum height of over 4 metres and is accessible via two roller-shutter doors which can provide vehicle access.

The space is completely controlled with no natural light and is sound conditioned so your production can run seamlessly regardless of weather or time of day.

Set Building

Within the huge amount of dedicated space we have open, it is perfect for building various sets for productions that require something a little more complex or simply for space that can be left as is and not affected by day-to-day living.

Read-throughs and Rehearsals

Our space is perfect not only for set builds but also for script read-throughs and rehearsals making sure your pre-production is up to the highest standard with issues ironed out before you're on set.

Camera and Lighting Tests

For both internal and external scenes it's imperative that you understand the shot and are able to produce the images your director or DOP are expecting.

Before starting shooting; it's always valuable to test camera rigging, lighting and movements in order to get your cinematography polished and ready before you're on set and everyone's time is limited.


We are able to screen completed productions, teasers, trailers and tests with our Ultra HD projector, our fantastic 130" screen and impressive PA sound system with a DJ Booth also available for pre and post screening entertainment.

With our big, comfortable leather sofas and and number of refreshments available you can provide your clients or your crew with a great, private experience to be remembered.

Event Space

Of course, with all of this space, big screen, comfortable areas and entertainment options we are able to cater for non-film productions and events. or a mixture thereof of course.

Whatever you have planned; we're certain we can accommodate.

Colouring and Editing Suites

We have two small, sound conditioned suites providing editing and colouring facilities with dedicated, industry standard 4K studio hardware and software, each with additional Ultra HD TV screens and comfortable seating.

Both editing suites can also output audio & video into the main studio space to be screened.

Audio,  ADR and Podcasts

Our suites are equipped with high quality studio microphones and have been sound conditioned making them perfect for audio recording, ADR and podcasting.

Live Streams

We can record up to 4.6K video with our industry standard cinema and professional studio cameras whilst simultaneously live streaming up to Ultra HD resolutions in industry standard HEVC (H.265) format.

We can stream simple interview, desktop style video directly from within our suites or live stream productions from our main studio space.

Production Offices

Alongside our editing suites we have a small production office but the editing suites could easily be used for production office work and the main studio space also has hot-desk options available.

Costume and Prop Stores

Above the editing suites; the mezzanine area is perfect for storing costumes and props out of the way of your production. With a small, secure store room with fitted shelving also up there your kit can be stored safely away from your production space.

Equipment Hire

With a multitude of studio lighting options, sound recording equipment and microphones, professional cinema cameras, tripods, sliders, dollies, gimbals, timecode systems and rigging available, you can take your production to greater heights.

With industry standard post-production studio hardware, high end Apple computer systems and the latest software available, we've got you covered there too!

Secure Storage

With vehicle access available in our main space as well as sufficient secure, gated space outside; our location is perfect for storing equipment and vehicles at the end of a day's shoot.

Studio Three - Coming Soon...

More details of all of this will be available when the Studio Three website launches soon.