It's Day 2 of Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 and it's already been a great experience.

Yesterday was glorious weather and wandering about the festival locations was really nice, the weather isn't that great right now - hope it picks up later.


Down at the studio catching up on a few things before kicking off day 2 of Doc/Fest 2018.


I'm off for another massive breakfast at Wellies to keep me going throughout the day...


I'm back in my studio enjoying a lovely coffee from The Holt and finishing off a few things - can't seem to get going this morning.

One of the things I really enjoy about Doc/Fest is having the time off to just be in Sheffield, I love this little city.


I'm off up to the Trafalgar Warehouse to check out the Alternate Realities.


Back in the studio after spending a few hours at the Trafalgar Warehouse.




I tried a few experiences in there, one of which was the impressive Hold The World with David Attenborough who was filmed by over 100 cameras and digitally recreated as an incredibly lifelike 3D hologram for the experience using the Oculus Rift.

I also viewed the Life in VR - California Coast from The BBC on Google Daydream with the Lenovo Mirage Solo which I was really impressed with.

I played with a few of the iPad based activities like Homo Machina which were also really good.

I popped upstairs for a coffee to find my friend from Foundry Coffee Roasters so I enjoyed a good brew and had a chat for a while.

The other activity I was interested in was Sensible Data - I bumped into Martin Hertig last night at the opening night party and he told me abouit his interactive installation.


“Sensible Data” is an interactive installation consisting of three machines that invite to create a passport from your personal data. Take a picture of yourself and a machine will draw your portrait. Send an email and an algorithm will judge your mood, age, gender and beauty. By pressing a dubious button, you can get a nice confirmation stamp. Thank you for your contribution!




Being a robotics nutbar; I really enjoyed watching these three little machines (based on the Piccolo CNC) do their thing - they were beautifully made and I especially liked the letter stamp bot in the middle.


I do think my beauty score of 37% is just plain rude which probably explains my "Confused" mood - haha!

I really enjoyed the Alternate Realities in there, it's free and open to all as well so get down there whether you have a pass or not - it's certainly worth a look.


I'm going to have a wander up to the Doc/Fest Exchange and see what's going on up there.


Spent a bit of time up at the exchange chatting to a few familiar faces and having a couple of beers in the improving weather before going home to change for the evening.

I'm off down to The Holt for tonight's Film Hub North Drinks Reception.


Down at The Holt now with my good friend Daz Kaye, waiting for Stephen Windle and David Richards, as well as everyone else of course.


SYFN's very own Rob Speranza has just arrived along with Alice Ramsey.


We're all off up to the Doc/Fest Exchange to see what's happening.


Having a beer up at the exchange but it's really quiet; Steve "Bernard" Corton just called to say he's down at The Showroom so we're going to head down there.


Time for my Uber home. Has been a really good night catching up with the usual SYFN'ers and a few other people we managed to rescue and/or annoy throughout the night.

The Showroom got pretty busy later on and we had a blast.