Landscape: Traditional Landscape.

Shoot a beautiful landscape and share it with the world. Find a nice foreground and don't forget the sky.

Week 2 didn't go so well.

I had a really busy week and the weather has been terrible. I drove out to a few beautiful places but with the snow coverage and grey skies - all I was able to capture was a sea of grey nothingness.

My only option was to try again one evening after finishing on-site work.

Checking the weather showed that Wednesday would be a good day for clear skies and sure enough; the weather was pretty good.

I got together my kit and was ready to head off out; I tested my D7100 as always and noticed a lot of visible marks on the image. Lens cleaning wasn't doing it so I checked the sensor - I've managed to get dirt in there and the sensor is in need of a clean. Joy!

My backup D3200 comes to the rescue and I head out to Damflask Reservoir; just out of Sheffield at around 21:00.

After figuring out how to use the D3200 again I captured this image of Damflask Reservoir and the city lights of Sheffield in the distance.

How was it shot?

The image is a pretty simple night shot. The main thing you need is a tripod but a remote shutter release is also handy so that there's no movement of the camera.

My Nikon D3200 was mounted on my 3 Legged Thing "Brian", Tokina SD 11-16 F2.8 (IF) DX II @ 11mm with focus to infinity.

Camera is set to f/9, ISO200, shutter at 30 seconds.

I used my Nikon MC-DC2 wired remote to capture the image.

The green streak is a lens flare from the moonlight - in this case as I'd left my UV filter on the lens.

I do have another capture without the flare but I quite like it.


I performed a minor edit to the image in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 - mainly simple level adjustments.

As it's such a dark image there was quite a bit of noise; even at ISO200 so I reduced it a little using [Dfine](" target="_blank).


I would really have liked to have more time to capture this image; as well as being able to use my Nikon D7100 but these things happen.

It's always good to have a backup camera and the D3200 is a fine camera to have when you really need it. I really enjoyed using the little thing again and I think I'll use it more for some street photography as it's noticeably smaller and lighter than its bigger brother.

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