Artistic: Candy.

Your artistic interpretation this week should be inspired by something sweet. A great chance to play with macro photography.

My initial idea for the Artistic: Candy shot was to capture a macro image with focus on the sugar crystals whilst still being able to recognise the "sushi" but the shot just wasn't right.

After setting up the shot and adding a few background elements I was pretty happy with the composition.

How was it shot?

I cleaned the sensor on my D7100 last week so it's back in business at last and I remembered to capture a few "behind the scenes" pictures with my iPhone as well so you can see how things were set up.

I didn't make the "sushi"; it's a gift set product from [Chupa Chups](" target="_blank) that was bought for our 9 year old girl (who was kind enough to hold off from eating it for a few weeks so I could take this photograph). I love the little pot of "wasabi".

The "sushi" comes in packaging similar to how you can get shop bought real sushi but I wanted more of a table layout for my image so I used a few items in the house to set the scene.

As I mentioned above; I was planning on a macro shot but the composition I had in mind wasn't working out so I zoomed out a little and got a much better composition.

The camera is mounted on my 3 Legged Thing Brian; at about chest height.

I placed two LED lights on stands by our dining table; both dimmed to 10%.

One light is placed higher and more towards the front of the subject whilst the other is lower and more to the rear of the subject.

I tried a few captures with my ring flash but I preferred the look of the images without the flash so the final image was captured with only the LED light sources.

I did think of shooting the subject inside our light box but preferred the look with the light able to drop off more naturally.

After framing the shot and adding some background items to fill in and complete the theme of the shot the following camera and settings was used:

Nikon D7100 with Sigma 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 Macro.

Camera is set at f/4.2, ISO400, shutter at 1/15.


I always bring my photographs into [DXO OpticsPro](" target="_blank) if only to use the auto correction features for camera and lens combinations but this time; the "Portrait: Candy Colours" was an ideal match for the subject and overall composition.

No other editing was done to the captured image.


I would have liked a little more time to capture this image as it was taken in about 30 minutes on Sunday evening but I am happy with the results.

We've done a fair bit of product photography in the past so it's not far from that sort of thing but I've never shot food before so it was a good experience and getting the candy arranged and looking right for the shot was fun.

Working in my own dining room seemed a little odd at first but it turned out to be really handy in this situation.

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